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Is leucoderma infectious?

Those diseases are infectious that can transfer from one person to another. Influenza, cold, cough and small pox etc are infectious. When we talk about leucoderma, it is however not at all infectious. This rare skin disorder is much common in Europe, Africa and America. Due to genetically disorder, this skin disorder is much common in dark colored people. These people are also known as “black people”. Those distinct parts of the skin that are nailed to sunlight might get the white colored patches on the skin. These patches appear due to melanin depigmentation. When the cells that are liable of making pigments and giving specific color to the skin starts to die due to malnutrition then these white colored patches start to appear on some peculiar areas of the skin. These white patches are somehow termed as “leucoderma”.

Leucoderma is not at all infectious. It cannot disseminate by any kind of contact – however close, or sharing of food, bed, clothing and other articles. It is perfectly secure to touch, hug and have sexual relations with a patient of leucoderma.