The human skin gets its colour from a particular set of cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes produce the colour pigment, melanin, that gives its natural colour. Gradual loss of melanin leads to de-pigmentation of the skin creating white patches all along the body. The condition is known as leucoderma or vitiligo and if overlooked, it may take years to retreat. 

Ayurveda considers this problem as an imbalance of all three doshas that colludes blood, muscles, and constituting elements of the body. Therefore, leucoderma treatment in Ayurveda brings balance between these three doshas and rectifies the problem by root. The result is a lasting and natural treatment of the disease. 

What is Leucoderma?

Leucoderma or vitiligo refers to the loss of melanin. It is a chronic disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated in the initial stage. Annually, it affects two per cent of the total global population. It can affect any age group, gender, and race. The problem begins with the appearance of small white spots in different body parts which then slowly spread to other parts of the body. Vitiligo is not a contagious problem, therefore, isolation at any level is not suggested for its patients. 

Causes of Leucoderma

The primary cause of leucoderma is yet to be discovered. But medical experts cite a few common causes after observings leucoderma patients for years: 

  • Acute gastric problems
  • Calcium deficiency
  • Burns
  • The long-term wearing of tight clothes
  • Overuse of rubber gloves
  • Staying under duress, stress, fear or tension for a long time
  • Over or improper use of steroids
  • Liver malfunctioning
  • Worm infestation
  • Too much use of tattoos or stickers on the skin

Symptoms of Leucoderma

A number of symptoms are associated with leucoderma: 

  • Hair loss
  • Small white coloured patches that expand as weeks pass by
  • Premature greying of hair
  • Mood swings and depression
  • Increased sensitivity towards cold
  • The hair on patches turn white

Diagnosis and Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Leucoderma

Leucoderma diagnosis is done by checking the medical history of a patient. History of skin diseases is also considered vital in this case. Some doctors use ultraviolet lamps to confirm vitiligo. Normal tests like skin biopsy and blood tests are also used in the process. 

Swetakushta, Switra, and Kilasa are some of the terms used to describe leucoderma in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic texts classify this disease into the following: 

  • Aruna: When muscles tissues (mamsa dhatus) are vitiated by doshas. It gives a coppery shade to the patches. 
  • Kilasa: When fat tissues (medha dhatu) gets vitiated by the doshas. The patches appear in white colour under this condition. 
  • Daruna: When blood gets affected by the doshas which turn the patches red. 

Best Ayurvedic Methods For Leucoderma Treatment

The Ayurvedic treatment for leucoderma works in three phases. The first one includes deep detoxification, the second one works on subduing the factors that caused the vitiation, and the third phase works on the permanent elimination of the basic causes of the disease. As a process they work like this: 

  1. Shodhan or detoxification: It includes Panchakarma therapies like rakta mokshana, virechana, and vamana that detoxify the body on the deepest level. 
  2. Shamana or subduing: This phase works on the pacification of doshas through herbal medications and topical applications. 
  3. Pathya or Diet Changes: This part works to ensure long term prevention of this disease through diet changes, lifestyle improvements, and mandatory inclusion of exercises in the patient’s routine. 

Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Vitiligo treatment in Ayurveda includes some strict diet restrictions. The suggested restrictions may differ from patient to patient but on a whole following recommendations are made: 

  • A simple vegetarian diet devoid of heavy, spicy, and fried meals. 
  • No to consumption of food items with opposite nature like milk with fish, curd with pickles, meat and milk, etc. 
  • Compulsory inclusion of physical workouts in the patient’s routine. 
  • Healthy management of stress through meditation, yoga, etc. 
  • Better protection from sunlight with sunscreen and sunglasses. 
  • Staying away from tattoos. 


  • Learn to manage stress in a natural and healthy way. 
  • Maintain a healthy and simple diet. 
  • Work out regularly for better blood circulation and hormone regulation. 
  • Use better protection against sunlight. 
  • Avoid consuming unhealthy meals. 
  • If you notice any white or different coloured patch on your skin for more than a few weeks, consult a doctor. Avoid overlooking it outrightly. 

Why Choose Us For Effective Leucoderma Treatment? 

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