Urticaria Treatment in Ayurveda

Get Permanent Burning & Itching Relief in Urticaria with Ayurvedic Treatment & Panchakarma Procedures

Uritcaria is a serious skin allergy that results in formation of stubborn rashes. Ayurveda takes a holistic and natural approach to this disease. Unlike allopathic treatments, it doesn’t involve any harsh medication. It is a widely accepted approach known for treating this disease effectively and permanently.

Best Urticaria Treatment in Ayurveda To Cure Urticaria

In Ayurveda, sheetpitta has some additional causes like excess consumption of pungent, salty, and sour food items, sudden exposure to cold wind, too much sleep during at daytime, etc. Constant thirst, nausea, fatigue, tastelessness, and red discolouration of the eyes are some of the additional symptoms of this disease as per Ayurveda.

Urticaria treatment in Ayurveda is carried out with herbs, detoxification therapies (Panchakarma), and lifestyle modifications. The apporach focuses on rectifying the originating cause of the problem and thus ensuring permanent or lasting relief to the patient.

Best Ayurvedic Methods For Urticaria Treatment

Urticaria treatment in Ayurveda works on multiple levels and ensures effective elimination of the disease.

  • Medication: Herbs like neem, shirish, haridra, ashwagandha, and shirish are used to treat urticaria.
  • Panchakarma therapies: Panchakarma therapies like vamana, abhyanga, vaman, and virechana are used to detoxify skin, blood, and other organ systems that lead to occurrence of uritcaria.
  • Lifestyle Modifications: Diet and lifestyle restrictions are essential for maximum effect of medicines and therapies. These ensures permanent elimination of the originating cause of the problem.

Urticaria is a form of skin allergy that occurs when body reacts with an allergen. The reaction releases histamine and a few other chemicals beneath the skin surface. Patient experiences fluid accumulation and inflammation under the skin that leads to formation of hives. In Ayurvedic texts, the problem’s been explained as sheetpitta.

  • Insect bites or stings.
  • Specific food items like shellfish, nuts, eggs, etc.
  • Bacterial infections like strep throat, UTIs, etc.
  • Faulty blood transfusions.
  • Specific plant products like pet dander, allergic pollens, latex, etc.
  • Strong medications like ibuprofen, aspirin, sulfa, penicillin, etc.
  • Viral infections like hepatitis, mononucleosis, common cold, etc.
  • Hormonal fluctuations, emotional issues, etc.
  • Sensitive physical stimuli like sun exposure, exercise, heat, cold, and pressure.

  • Appearance of rashes on legs, trunk, arms, and face.
  • Patients experience red rashes, headaches, itching, eye congestion, etc.
  • Urticaria also results in a specific condition called angioedema that causes pain and inflammation around feet, genitals, hands, lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Ayurveda classifies urticaria into four types on the basis of symptoms:

  • Sheetpitta: Caused by dominance of Vata dosha that results in burning and pircking sensation in the rashes.
  • Udard: Caused by dominance of Kapha that results in burning and itching sensation.
  • Kotha: Caused by blood impurity that leads to a burning sensation.
  • Utkotha: Condition caused by repeated occurrence of Kotha.

Urticaria is a complex skin condition that involves allergies, blood impurities, and accumulated toxins in organ systems. It needs a systematic approach that eliminates the problem step by step. That is where we come in. At Prakash Nethralaya & Panchakarma Kendra, we have experienced Ayurvedic skin experts that treat all kinds of skin problems. We have state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure where patients can receive best care and treatments without a hassle. You can reach out to us with both offline and online means. We have treated over 50, 000 patients here in this facility and look forward to extend a helping hand to all those who really need our help.